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electronic mail in your iGoogle homepage. This converse will examine the security record of Google Devices and reveal techniques to use Devices for nefarious purposes. We may even exhibit ways to make Gadgets that assist you to port scan internal systems and do various JavaScript hacks by way of malicious (or valuable) gadgets, according to your viewpoint.

Extra topics consist of detecting and subverting firewall and intrusion detection systems, coping with quirky community configurations, and advanced host discovery and port scanning methods. A quick overview of recent Nmap attributes will even be supplied.

Because that point: Rick's acquired much more Expert netstumbling time, designed quite a few cool wi-fi products, and now mixes his very own rocket gasoline. He is attending DEFCON 16 to look into the Wireless Village and to provide a mention his latest flying & hardware hacking adventure.

Jon King is often a locksport enthusiast at present serving during the US Navy. He has no experience as being a locksmith nor does he maintain any Specialist certifications of any form.

Our aim with this converse will be to outline different attack scenarios that exist inside the RIA environment and to provide a comparison concerning the safety types with the major RIA platforms. We are going to explore how present assaults from Website purposes are improved with RIA along with define new varieties of vulnerabilities which are distinctive to this paradigm.

The Nmap Protection Scanner was designed to efficiently scan massive networks, but Nmap's writer Fyodor has taken this to a completely new amount by scanning millions of Internet hosts as Portion of the Worldscan challenge. He'll existing essentially the most fascinating findings and empirical stats from these scans, together with realistic assistance for increasing your own scan general performance.

John Melvin CISSP, GSEC, is SecureState's lead forensics investigator and handles all incident reaction, reverse engineering, and virus improvement at SecureState. John's mission is to respond and handle breaches to companies and establish how, when, and why they happened. Just before SecureState, John labored for a number of very categorised courses, specially pertaining to reverse malware/virus anomaly detection.

The commonest stability faults might be included, as will serious planet illustrations taken from penetration testing SCADA environments. On top of that, this communicate will expose a few of the possibly catastrophic repercussions of a failure inside of a manufacturing SCADA atmosphere.

To be able to avert tunes from remaining copied amongst individuals, material providers generally use DRM systems to shield their tunes data files. This talk describes the strategy taken while analysing a DRM technique (whose identification has to be held key as a result of lawful problems).

Black vs. White: The complete existence cycle of a real earth breach brings together a singular concept and a real-globe case analyze from the customer of ours that details the start of the hack for the identification, forensics, and reversing. We are going to be speaking about some Highly developed penetration techniques and reversing subject areas.

Additionally, what would a con be without some great Resource releases? We might be releasing (and demoing) two tools, one a Home windows GUI for your Home windows people that does almost everything for SQL injection rooting, minus building you breakfast, one Linux primarily based Resource that car crawls a web-site and performs blind/mistake centered SQL injection with next reverse command shells using different options for payload shipping.

With VoIP units finding their way into virtually all main enterprises and a major range of residential installations, the feasible implications of a security vulnerability that can be leveraged by malicious hackers are at any time rising. Although the safety of data and voice traffic continues to be extensively promoted and examined the safety in the devices web link on their own has long been improperly analyzed at ideal.

g. voting and an array of discussions and other particular groupings), this will consequently unavoidably bring on an enormous demand from customers for on-line anonymization equipment and equivalent privacy means.

by instrumenting the BIOS keyboard buffer (useful reduced degree attacks against x86 pre-boot authentication software package)

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